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Saudi Arabia: Worse Country for a Woman? | American Bedu ( se-country-for-a-woman/) Apr 15, 2012 I cannot make a value judgement (why is India on the list and Saudi Arabia not). One problem for women in Saudi Arabia (as opposed to Saudi 

Saudi Arabia and human rights: what should the West do? ( ld-the-west-act-in-the-face-of-human-rights-contrav entions/) Jan 25, 2013 Saudi Arabia is the world's last absolute monarchy with an hands of thieves, flogging homosexuals, and beheading women for alleged adultery. Foreign workers, in particular, have absolutely no protection or rights in the kingdom. live and work in Saudi Arabia, of which the majority is from Indonesia.

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ('s_rights_in_Saud i_Arabia) Many Saudis do not see Islam as the main impediment to women's rights. Gambia, and Indonesia significantly higher than Saudi Arabia for women's equality.

'too handsome' and deported from Saudi Arabia? - ( dsome-to-be-deported-from-saudi-arabia-727989.html) Apr 26, 2013 Reportedly Saudi Arabia deported three men for being 'too handsome'. The female population of the country is not permitted to talk to any men to whom they India must enact strict laws to monitor surrogacy, say experts.

Indonesian domestic workers face hardships in Saudi Arabia - AJW ( J201206210011) Jun 21, 2012 In an incident that sent shock waves across Indonesia, a woman was beheaded in public in Saudi Arabia last year. The Indonesian government 

Article: Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not - pg.18 - World Nursing ( d-275983-page18.html) Just remember what your purpose being in Saudi Arabia and stick to it. I worked with mostly male and female nurses from Philippines, UK, India, Pakistan, 

Saudi Arabia's women-only cities are no blueprint for liberation ( /saudi-arabia-women-only-city) Aug 13, 2012 Homa Khaleeli: A plan for cities of female workers will not increase Have the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia undergone a wild 

Saudi Arabia suspends visas to Indonesian domestic workers - CNN ( bia.migrant.workers/index.html) Jul 1, 2011 Beginning Saturday, Saudi Arabia will suspend the issuance of visas to beheaded Indonesian worker without having first informed Indonesia And, in what many said was a first for the kingdom, a Saudi woman was 

Saudi Arabia: Temporary marriages with Indonesian women on rise in ( D4HI) JEDDAH SAUDI ARABIA, Nov 13, 2011. doris wrote: these indo women, especially the maids, have no problem trying to break up marriages.

Saudi Women Empowerment: There is no going back in Saudi Arabia ( omen-empowerment-there-is-no.html) Jan 21, 2013 Saudi women's empowerment is in keeping with a society that is beginning to debate the social and cultural traditions that are interspersed with 

Comments about this video:
saudi arabia the cursed land where fucker muslim assholes live ...bloody donkey piss drinkers ...nuke em all. fucking peace of shit your saudi arabian assholes any day will come where the ottoman empire will come back and to educate you society. This Egyptian woman, girl Egyptian actress (Laila Gouffran), her husband's murder Not in Saudi Arabia Stop the hate to Saudi Arabia.
How genuine is this video? An Indonesian maid was beheaded in Saudi but that's about it the person in this video has some deep cuts all over her body which seem to have been inflicted by a sharp object i.e. Knife. Yet again people are trying to wipe out Islam in Saudi and replace it with secularism.

There are non_arab muslims as well, and there are bad arabs and good arabs so try to be civilized and get rid of your ignorance.

I agree Salim. Many on the wester's, which I am, do not understand that Religion is not the problem. I'm ashamed to be identified in a group the same as this person that has insulted you and your religion. This hate needs to stop.

Indonesia vs Saudi Arabia: The maid issue | The World Outline ( di-arabia-the-maid-issue/) Mar 30, 2013 The treatment of workers in Saudi Arabia especially maids has been a long Although the majority of the women are Indonesian, there are also Many foreign workers have no way of defending themselves due to the lack of 

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in Saudi Arabia - GVnet ( Men and women from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, the No attempt has been made to verify their authenticity or to validate their content.

BBC News - Saudi Arabia 'apologises over Indonesia maid beheading' ( 83) Jun 22, 2011 Saudi Arabia has not yet released any official comment on the incident. In April a Saudi woman, convicted of beating and torturing an 

From Indramayu to Saudi Arabia: The journey of hope | The Jakarta ( indramayu-saudi-arabia-the-journey-hope.html) Jun 26, 2013 The freedom that our women TKIs enjoy in Indonesia does not apply in Saudi Arabia, where the kingship system of government is deeply 

Refworld | 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report - Saudi Arabia ( 4 days ago Men and women from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, the The Government of Saudi Arabia does not fully comply with the 

Indonesian Women Forced Into Slavery In Saudi Arabia - Worldcrunch ( -women-forced-into-slavery-in-saudi-arabia/saudi-ar abia-slaves-indonesia/c1s9598/) Sep 19, 2012 Poverty is rife in Indonesia, being a maid in a rich country is seen as a step not send any more domestic workers to Malaysia or Saudi Arabia.

Comments about this video:

She killed somebody with a knife in fight, it happens anytime anywhere. But the government should not slaughter the woman, this shows the barbaric cruel and evil cult belief system that exist in Saudi Arabia. They could shoot her with a simple pullet. Muslim people don't get satisfied unless otherwise they see the person suffer a lot in pain, they become happy and relaxed when they see massive blood running on the floor from the victim. Islam teaches nothing but hate.

they wont do kill her unless she killed somebody thats the law there if you kill you will get killed.

What a barbaric system of Justice. No wonder US kicks their asses all the time. I don't have even an iota of sympathy for these double cross hypocritical Saudi's. May they rot in the very barbecue they are enjoying from other people's misery..
The American government are killing and so is dumb ass fuckers like al qada and the dumb stupid Taliban fags! The people US are the ones that will suffer and it's not even our fight. Wake up world! We mean nothing to them!
I'm Indonesian. I feel extremely sad and I feel sorry for her children and her husband and her entire family to get to see this video. I don't believe in religious bullshit such a killing thing. How could you kill to human being. Seems to me she doesn't have fair go to appeal at court. I hate religious bullshit.. in the name of God's laws! and Yet God loves his people. what sort of God is HE. In my opinion such killing and chop arms/legs/lashes the follower created thousand years ago.
we're all muslims, why we kill each other????? although it seems Saudi Arabia were more Uncivilized and primitive than before, like back in Prophet Muhammad times. Ok you dumb fucks America had death penalty too. Murder is murder doesnt matter how you do it. Like Obama killing innocent people with his drones. Oh that doesn't count sorry. Dumb fucks.
the americans attack Iraq and Afghanistan for crimes against humanity...and suck the dicks of Saudis...
humans can not destroy anything without the help of Allah. May Allah Guide You to the Right Path. Amen.
Fuck all the muslims fucking son of fucking bitches fuck ur aallhah motherfucker fuck islam is that a punishment u fucking cunts u all arab r fucking dickhead how can u behead a girl motherfuckers fuck u all muslim.
Do not blame Islam. Islam is from Allah not from the creature.May Allah Guide You to the Right Path.Amen. Islam and all religious created by people Islam is not religion. Islam is politic religion and lots of tactics for people to believe its from Allah. Allah does not ask to kill people. If you have love in your heart you will not kill and hate others. If God lives in you.. it will show how you treat people around you and you will keep away from evil one. Isa Al Masih is the truth teaching and the high prophet of All. You like it or not. All prophets areJewish from Mose, David and Isa all related. Fukin A dude 110% support we need to get science involved as to how we can set X number of nukes off just right to blast Saudi Arabia into orbit and straight into the Sun ; ).
this jury law is unjust, I'm not accusing without facts but you'll see many news that many young prince saudi violating sharia law itself but nothing happens to them..!! if we wanted justice then there is no disparity..!! sharia law is just some kind of joke to me, god..!? where is she anyway..!?

She killed her employer..thats why shes convicted murder..she got what she deserver..everybody knows the strict shariah law in if we are there we must aware of the host country..
Saveges. Did you know that these savages are supported by USA, EUROPE? Did you know that Saudi puppet kings , qatar, ua, france, england are supporting this now in Syria?w w w . presstv . com / detail / 186737 . html News: Ruyati Binti Sapubi was wrong. you fucking idiot. everyone in the world should chill the fuck out muslims catholics christians all the religions if there was a god, none of the fucked up stuff in the world would be happening . if anybody wanted to harm me or my family i would kill the mother fuckers with my bear hands and what religion would they blame then because i dont believe in any. peace out be-aches.x. so this maid killed children with cold blood she slaughtered them with a knife, i think a beheading is what she deserved. and for the people saying its cruel, well a beheading is the most merciful way to end someones life, dont tell me an electric chair or gas sentence is more merciful i dont think so.
please somebody poison this cross dresser or his family.the lattle girl of his would be a sweet revange at any age.btw mercy is for those one's that respect mercy.
Well , If you don't want to end up without a head , well , don't kill someone ? specially there . amen to that .An abused Indo maid who reached breaking limit murders her employer(slave master) a Saudi asshole but they had to fucking behead her? Why not hang her, where is the Saudi Human right faggots now complaining about this while they were fucking top of their voices when Iraqi government was executing Saudi bastard sponsored Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq.Why do you think they should have hanged her?? After all, beheading is an instant and pain-free death, whereas if you get hanged you struggle for several seconds, some people even up to one minute, and that's pure agony if you ask me.
I guess you have partially understood the message I am trying to convey here.The whole crux of my comment was to highlight the fact of the double standard exposed by the Saudi regime and the so called Saudi "human rights" org.
And democrats accuse republicans of declaring war on woman, but embrace Islam dubbing it a beautiful religion full of peace.First off she killed a mans wife get your facts right.., and it was self defense but they didn't care at all.What if that Maid killed your father or your 3 years old daughter or someone you loved, then what is the fear punishment you suggest?What if that Maid killed your father or your 3 years old daughter or someone you loved, then what is the fear punishment you suggest?
dont be so your fuckin mind and a christian and i believe that islam has the best way to do the death more scientific when the blade hits spinal cord from the back of the nick, ALL THE NERVES OF THE BODY WILL DIE in less than 0.1 SEC the person will not feel pain do you think the electric chair or the deadly chemical dose is less painful?? or even the hanging or rifle shooting? all these ways make the person suffer before he or she die..No one can deny it.
¿¿ALL THE NERVES OF THE BODY WILL DIE in less than 0.1 SEC?? Hahaha!! If that were true, transplants, would not exist...asshole!!!
u so funny... im a doctor and im talking about the spinal cord retarded which is responsible for all our immediate action. there are millions of neurons in all parts of your body. these neurons converge and join spinal cord which then leads to the brain. some times actions need to be taken ((quickly)) hence the spinal cord resolves it.

So..."Doctor" That thing about the "dead of ALL the nerves of the body in less than 0.1 sec" ...was a lie? you were wrong? or just or just exaggerating? You knew that some Dutch scientists (Raboud University in Nijmegen) showed that the brain activity of rats decapitated lasts for about 1 minute and awareness for at least 15 seconds? You shoul read this too: The Wave of death may not be a last gasp "Brain may still be living a minute after decapitation" By Laura Sanders Csience News Magazine.

nice and u r comparing a rat and human...great tired of teaching people like you...if u dont want to believe go to sick of ppl like u.
HAHAHA!! It is so easy to expose the ignorant Islamists, especially one who wants to pass as a doctor. XD NEXT!I guess it's better to know that such uncivilized practice of public execution still happens in some countries. I guess oil wealth is not the way to an enlightened society!
It is very sad how human beings are capable of horrible, savage, and selfish acts. They can't forgive themselves, others, and nature. Human beings are a plague on earth, instead of a bless.
saudi arabia still medieval country disgrace to the kingdom of saudia arabia, saudi arabia 10 thousand year's backward's no modernization in KSA. What if that Maid killed your father or your 3 years old daughter or someone you loved, then what is the fear punishment you suggest?
I'm not saying this isn't absolutely fucked up, but plenty of Christians have killed Christians too. The whole world is a savage place usually due to things like religion. It's just how the world works it seems now-a-days.
in this case they have the right to kill this woman. but how could they explain that they killed a guy who made a car accident ?can someone tell me what is the most painful way to kill an arab? i'm sure i won't violate any human rights, are arabs and muslims aren't humans. its funny how an iranian tv talks about such topics, while they do worst in iran to their own people everyday (i.e. hanging people using cranes on almost every street.. etc).
she killed a small kid taking his head out of his body with a knife and she said that she did it on TV !! and BTW i use to know that lil girl who have been killed and i know her father !!
There are a lot of ways to kill a human being, with more mercy. What i mean is... we are not like her could easily kill a kid. We are better than that so mercy is needed to show her we are difference... i'm also agree with u about she deserve to die. Arab people really need to learn more about mercy, be a human, and how to treat other like human not animal.
Middle East adores their religion so much wherein they themselves do not know the law of God! They're so INHUMAN, they're all PIGS!!!
I will not call this lowlife a fucking animal,because to give that label to Saudis would be an insult to the animal kingdom.
These muslims r really terrible, they chant allah will deatroy you. You islam are really nuts... Time CHANGE people, its the 21st century... You dont win war by chanting allah akbar and because allah will protect us like saddam hussein told his people, DumbAsses!!!
this is islam the evil religion. The west must lead a crusade to annihilate these arab muslims from the face of this planet.
funny shit hahaha what an idiot? Christians is real devil. you don't know. hahaha. show the christians fan like : - skin tattoo "logo devil" - punk rock "logo devil" - music rock "logo devil" - books "pictures devil" - t-shirt "pic devil" - christmas devil - Movies "Devil" and "Zombies" - pc/xbox/ps3 games "Devil May Cry", "Doom3 Evil" and more.
F U ... Ayi dagul, put yourself in the situation u r the maid being beaten by your employer... Youll do nothing? And i know most arabs r terrible people... I know coz i been there in your stupid country... Thats why the saudis is in good terms with us americans or else will make your life miserable like iraq..she got what she deserved for killing a person! Rapists get the same treatment! If you don't like it stay in your country and watch your asshole!

Indonesia Bans Labor to Saudi Arabia After Beheading of ( ing-grandmother) Aug 15, 2011 After Saudi Arabia beheaded a 54 year old Indonesian of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia this year, no such document has been signed. sentence against a 53 year old Saudi woman in Medina, for "torture" 

Practical travel information on Visas in Saudi Arabia - Lonely Planet ( information/visas) Practical travel information on Visas for Saudi Arabia including health and women under 30 years old must be accompanied by their husband or They're only issued if you can prove that there was no other way to get to your destination . India. Indonesia. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Jamaica. Japan. Kazakhstan. Kenya.

Women in Saudi Arabia - Expat Arrivals ( saudi-arabia) At first, the thought of moving to Saudi Arabia, may scare some women. Initially There are no gyms for women in Saudi Arabia, nor are there theatres, bowling alleys, or concerts. Saudis are quite private, Expat to Indonesia · Expat to Iran.

Saudi Arabia Women | ToungTwisted ( women/) May 5, 2013 Posts about Saudi Arabia Women written by toungtwisted. In a statement, the Commissioner of Police of Delhi, India said this year 178 rape accused Yet, the heinousness of crimes against women have not gone down.

Women Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia - ( orkers_in_Saudi_Arabia) Jun 30, 2011 The majority of women migrant workers in Saudi Arabia come from Indonesia and The Philippines and this was not an accident. Beginning in 

October 20, 2013. Dating in Saudi Arabia KSA; How to Date Muslim Saudi Girls ( 29 Aug 2013 Dating in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is unlike anywhere else in the world ! If you are caught with a woman who is not your sister, mother, A on the wester walking with a Filipino or Indonesian girl will attract quite a few 

October 21, 2013. Tug-of-war for 25 Indonesian Condemned Men and Women in ( demned-men-and-women-saudi-arabia) 8 Apr 2012 In Saudi Arabia 25 Indonesian women and men are at present sitting will be no more work grants for domestic workers from Indonesia or the 

October 22, 2013. Indonesian domestic workers face hardships in Saudi Arabia - AJW ( j201206210011) 21 Jun 2012 The Indonesian government is now working on ways to provide training so that women do not have to go overseas to seek work as domestic 

October 23, 2013. Indonesian Maid Beheaded In Saudi Arabia - Care2 ( d-in-saudi-arabia.html) 22 Jun 2011 This Is Not The First Time Last April, Indonesia condemned the overturning of a Saudi woman's conviction and three year prison sentence for 

October 24, 2013. Saudi Arabia suspends visas to Indonesian domestic workers - CNN ( bia.migrant.workers/) 1 Jul 2011 Indonesian workers applying to work in Saudi Arabia attend a training centre in Jakarta. Saudi Arabia last month beheaded Indonesian worker without And, in what many said was a first for the kingdom, a Saudi woman 

October 25, 2013. Saudi Arabia executes 73rd victim of Sharia laws - English ( 98-saudi_arabia-0/) 16 Dec 2011 In Saudi Arabia, Sharia court sentenced a woman accused of The Kingdom authorities do not always provide accurate information on the number by the verdict of the Sharia court an Indonesian woman was executed who 

October 26, 2013. Halt Execution of Mentally Ill Indonesian Woman in Saudi Arabia ( ally-ill-indonesian-woman-in-saudi-arabia/) 31 Jan 2013 Halt Execution of Mentally Ill Indonesian Woman in Saudi Arabia into signing a confession in Arabic, a language that they do not understand.

October 27, 2013. NewsNow: Saudi Arabia News | Every Source, Every Five Minutes ( st/Saudi%2BArabia) Saudi women s driving starts without arrests Khaleej Times 08:05 'Keralites in South Arabia must contact Norka' The New Indian Express 04:45. Non oil 

December 1, 2013. 16 Indonesians Found Stranded in Saudi Arabia - ( 6-Indonesians-Found-Stranded-in-Saudi-Arabia) 18 Oct 2013 Indonesian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Gatot Abdullah Mansyur. One of the women said to have no official documents and was tricked by a 

December 2, 2013. How Expats are treated in Saudi Arabia - LeanMan - HubPages ( rking-in-Saudi-Arabia-How-are-Expats-Treated-By-Sau dis) 30 Aug 2013 If you are a non-on the west Expat (Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, etc.) Saudi Arabia Women, the Most Disadvantaged Women with no Democratic 

December 3, 2013. Saudi Arabia's treatment of foreign workers under fire after ( arabia-treatment-foreign-workers) 13 Jan 2013 The startling figure emerged after Saudi Arabia beheaded a row is almost certainly higher, but Saudi authorities do not publish official figures. Human rights groups say 45 Indonesian women are on death row, and five 

December 4, 2013. Indonesian Maid Squeezed Into Car Trunk by Saudi Arabian ( id-squeezed-into-car-trunk-by-saudi-arabian-employe r.html) 14 Apr 2013 Lydia Pretty Face is No More after incident Picture of An Indonesian Worker in Saudi Arabia Causes Huge Controversy sadistic behaviors coming from Saudi Arabian employers to their maids, especially towards women.

December 5, 2013. Indonesian dies in Saudi residency protest - Middle East - Al ( 136108522857818.html) 10 Jun 2013 One woman was killed in a stampede and part of the Indonesian or leave without paying a penalty, a newspaper report said on Sunday.

December 6, 2013. Saudi Arabia's Beheading of a Nanny Followed Strict Procedures ( nny-strict-procedures/story%3Fid%3D18182757) 11 Jan 2013 PHOTO: Saudi Arabian officials execute an Indonesian maid on June 18, 2011. In modern times, women in saudi Arabia condemned to death were The executioner said it is not uncommon for spectators to pass out at a 

December 7, 2013. DNA testing to prove Indonesian-Saudi descent | Arab News ( 10 Sep 2013 Al-Mubarak said there are no official statistics about the number of interracial marriages between Saudi men and Indonesian women.

December 8, 2013. Maid in Saudi Arabia - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East ( umantrafficking-saudiarabia-al-rasheed.html) 17 Jul 2013 Indonesian workers ready to fly to Saudi Arabia to work as maids wait at a It is also important for Saudi women to feel that they are not at the 

December 9, 2013. Indonesian maid escapes execution in Saudi Arabia - ( ia.freed.maid/) 15 Jul 2011 Now, finally back home in Indonesia, she is a free woman - after the on death row, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in other countries.

December 10, 2013. BBC News - Indonesia condemns Saudi maid abuse acquittal ( 00) 4 Apr 2011 Saudi Arabia has made no comment. Tens of thousands of Indonesian women work in Saudi homes, and many complain of abuse by their 

December 11, 2013. Indonesians in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( rabia) Indonesians in Saudi Arabia consist largely of female domestic workers, with a minority Recruiters seeking to hire Indonesian women to work in Saudi Arabia typically trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization .

December 12, 2013. World Report 2012: Saudi Arabia | Human Rights Watch ( 012-saudi-arabia) Saudi Arabia responded with unflinching repression to demands by citizens for greater No law bars women from driving, but senior government clerics have ruled In December 2010, authorities made no attempts to rescue an Indonesian 

February 12, 2014. Lady problems: world's strangest laws applied to women | GlobalPost ( gs/weird-wide-web/laws-womens-rights-women-gender-e quality) 10 Oct 2013 But not everywhere. Many bizarre laws still apply to women in many nations, from driving in Saudi Arabia to pants-wearing in Paris.

February 13, 2014. Indonesian woman beheaded with sword in Saudi Arabia ( _story.php%3Fid%3D41899) 28 Jun 2011 An Indonesian woman convicted of murder was beheaded by a sword after Muslims will not oppose crimes perpetrated in their countries 

February 14, 2014. Women Driving in Saudi Arabia | The Muslim 500 ( men-driving-in-saudi-arabia) Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive cars. This situation Indonesia; H.E. Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hussein Sistani

February 15, 2014. Indonesia, Saudi Arabia ink domestic worker protection pact | Asia ( o/program/asia-pacific/indonesia-saudi-arabia-ink-d omestic-worker-protection-pact/1268874) 7 hours ago Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement which aims to give million Indonesian women working as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. Having a bilateral agreement is very weak, because there's no clear 

February 16, 2014. Saudi Arabian police rescue 16 abandoned Indonesian women ( olice-rescue-Indonesian-domestic-helpers-abandoned- in-Saudi-Arabia/UPI-33941382016016/) 17 Oct 2013 Police said they rescued 16 Indonesian domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia who "They did not have a means to contact anyone," Rahman said.

February 17, 2014. Two Indonesian women inherit millions from Saudi husbands | Arab ( t-millions-saudi-husbands) 10 Jul 2012 "She had no children with her Saudi husband." Pramutyo said the two women had been loyal to their husbands and served their men 

February 18, 2014. Indonesian migrant domestic workers to Saudi Arabia - ( national_Family_Indonesian_migrant_domestic_workers _to_Saudi_Arabia) Specifically, since the 1990s growing numbers of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Indonesia have begun to focus on women's issues ( Robinson and 

February 19, 2014. Saudi Arabia Beheads Indonesian Woman Convicted of Murder ( -beheads-indonesian-woman-convicted-of-murder/) 18 Jun 2011 Jeddah. An Indonesian woman was beheaded by the sword on Saturday The ministry did not elaborate on the motives of the crime, nor it did 

February 20, 2014. World Report 2013: Saudi Arabia | Human Rights Watch ( rs/saudi-arabia) Authorities continue to suppress or fail to protect the rights of 9 million Saudi women and girls and 9 million foreign workers. As in past years, thousands of 

February 21, 2014. Fresh claims of abuse of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia ( A Sri Lankan woman alleged in August that her Saudi employers hammered 24 Some domestic workers are not allowed to leave the house where they work 

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